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Womb Care Waistbeads

Womb Care Waistbeads


Waist beads are a beautiful expression of femininity and can be as individual as you are. You can wear as many strands of beads as you like, and you can wear them for whatever reason you want. They’re a powerful means of self-expression and spirituality. 


To measure yourself for waist beads, start by deciding where you want your beads to sit on your body. Do you want them high on your waist? Down at your hips? Right at your belly button? (Please see the picture gallery for an image on the different places to measure yourself.



I offer two different types of waist beads, Fashion strands and spiritual strands.

Fashion waist beads are made for show and fun. There isn't any spiritual work put into these waistbeads. You may order more than one strand.


Wombcare waist beads are made for spiritual assistance. Not for fashion as these are charged with energy and made with intention.


I offer two styles of waist beads :

The first type are the Semi-Permanent waist beads. These strands  tie around the waist in the area where you want it to sit. These you will wear until you either cut it offor they pop. There is no clasp on these strands to take them on or off and are suggested for the seasoned waist beads wearer. These waistbeads can also be used for weight tracking. They’re designed to stay on your body 24/7 so be mindful of them to avoid popping them when you use the restroom and when changing your clothes.


The other type are the Removable waist beads. These strands are made with a crab clasp so you can take them on and off as you please. These styles of strands are suggested for beginner and intermittent wear. These strands can come with a matching extender chain . These extensions are only made  for removable waist beads. The extender is a good option for people who want to continue wearing the same waist beads at any size without worrying about having to change their waist beads due to fluctuating weight.

These options are available in the drop down menu for ordering prices will vary and there may be an up charge depending on your desire. 


I make waist beads for all body types as every body type is beautiful and worthy of adornment. 


What are the meanings of the colors and stones?

There are a lot of styles, colors, and materials to choose from. Your waist beads can be rich with symbolism if you so choose. Each color and stone is associated with a specific meaning:


Color meanings:


* Blue: healing,harmony,insight,truth

* Brown: earth,stability

* Green: prosperity,fertility,abundance, hope,healing

* Purple: spirituality, wisdom, royalty

*Red: vitality, passion,bravery,confidence

* White: light,truth,purity

* Yellow: wisdom,clarity,awareness, energy,joy.


Stone and Crystals:


* Evil eye: protection against negativity

* Green aventurine: luck,prosperity, wealth

* Hamsa: protection against evil or bad luck

* Lapis lazuli: peace,wisdom,truth,insight

* Quartz: clarity,amplifies other crystals

* Rose quartz: love,compassion,healing

  • Return Policy

    All items are final sale unless otherwise advised

  • Order Instructions

    General Waist Bead Questions Must Be Answered:

    Have you ever worn waistbeads before?


    What size is your waist? Either inches (the preferred method using a measuring tape) or pant size?


    Where will you be wearing your strand(s)? Upper waist, Mid Waist, Lower Waist, Hips/Yoni.


    Fashion Waist Bead Question Only:

    Do you want specific colors or are you ok with me freestyling?

    Spiritual Waist Bead Questions Only:

    What are your intentions you would like set in your waistbeads? 

    Do your require additional spiritual work to go into your waistbeads? Be specific .. (Additional alter work is an additional $25 added to your order and will be charged on a seperate invoice) 




  • Waist Bead Strand Options

    You may order muiltple strands at once or cantact me at for a custom orders such as our all in one multistrand set. 

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