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The New Matrix

Have you ever noticed how hours seem to pass by and all you did was scroll a timeline for what seemed like 5 minutes? Time seems to speed up and life stands still each time we tap into a mainstream social media app. Only one app tells the truth of their intention in their name. That's right... Tic Tok. Isn't that the most common sound for a clock? Once you jump into their portal time slips right on by with each laugh. What about Facebook? Or Instagram? It's the same. Only on those platforms, 1 live can tap you into another one and another one, on ig it's the stories for me. I can get stuck watching people's stories or laughing at memes. What these so cial sites have done has fed the curiosity of humans. Let me explain. We are curious by nature and with each photo, story, video, or post we get a glimpse into the lives of someone else.

It is a world where anyone can be anyone they choose to be online. The sad part is it has taken over our lives in such a way that it is no longer about being social and networking. It's a popularity contest of who has the most followers/friends, who get the most likes, shares, and comments. Who can post the sexiest, or most outrageous posts? How about this one, who can sleep with the most people or has a poppin dm life. And every day millions all over the world tap into these sites giving away time, time that could be spent enjoying the beauty of nature instead of double-tapping a picture of it. What we don't see, know, or pay attention to is we are giving away our most prized ability. The ability to be a free thinker. Our thoughts are no longer private thanks to AI and all the technology used to track us on a daily basis. We all have noticed we could be on the phone speaking to someone or even just speaking to them in real life, you log into social media, and boom there's the thing you were just talking about up and down your timeline. How do they do that? Simple, when you sign up for or even agree to updated policies for these sites you are granting them permission to your mic, camera, and photos yes, but unless you go in and manually turn off the permission to data collection you are being tracked. However, that's not the only way they track you

. On Netflix not too long ago there was a series about social media. In that series, they spoke about how there are computers that know you based on everything you do on the web. They even know when to send a notification to you to get you to come online and once you're there they know how to keep you there. They keep you thereby placing posts, photos, videos, and ads they know will keep you scrolling. It's a mind control thing, and it works by studying human behavior. This is the new matrix and we have all fallen victim to a blue pill coated in red dye. While many of us believe we are red pill people because we choose a life of learning unsettling truths with a willingness to learn, we are all under the spell of the blue pill living in ignorance. Even if we are on there sharing the truth about life, spirituality etc. We are doing so on a platform that is no longer protected under freedom of speech. And if you think they didn't anticipate folks getting on here and sharing knowledge you are sadly mistaken. I will say maybe they didn't expect the impact it has had but they knew we were coming. As we sat in live after live or made post after post of true knowledge, they were behind the scenes cooking up ways to control our content and its reach. Hence algorithms. Notice how now not so many people are watching, double-tapping or sharing? Your favorite person who goes live, you no longer get alerts for them or see them on your timeline. Ever took a break and stopped posting for a while or posted about your website? I have and guess what... Those posts barely get noticed, traffic has slowed on my page. Even now as I type this I am taking a digital detox and only working from my site. I know when and if I return, my algorithms will be so far off it will be like starting over. I have noticed something though. The minute I deleted those apps off my phone I felt a shift in me. It felt like something w

as missing, and as I type this I feel a freedom I haven't felt since before social media. My thoughts seem to be slowing and quieting down. Because I have stepped out of the new matrix. If you haven't done a mainstre

am digital detox try it. I am doing mine for 3 weeks. It is said that it takes 21 days to form new habits. I am focusing on creating a habit of growing my website and creating a free space for free thinkers. Have you ever done a digital detox before? If so how was your experience? If you haven't why and would you be willing to try it? Answer below and let's build. Also if you would like to expound on the topic by all means please do so below.

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This is so true! I’ve noticed how things are on a constant changing pattern. Even when we think that we’ve figured out a way to go around the algorithms we get trapped in that “loss of time.” Yes I’ve done a technical detox before and I must say my life is always happier. What I’ve found is this forces me to learn balance and to stay connected to people. although this is a challenge, because Of the ways things are set up, I keep pressing forward anyway. I have found in the past that it was easiest to just stay in hermit mode so to speak however being a business owner this is not good. Again, learning balance is a…


Love you as well. I am grateful

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