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Spiritual vs Spiritful

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

In this trendy world of keeping up with the Jones and the Kardashians the frequency of free thinking is a rare thing. There are so many contradicting and conflicting teachings and ideologies that it can become confusing at times as to which path is the right path or if you yourself are even doing thins right. In a world where everyone is on a journey of self discovery the self part in the journey can easily and quickly become drowned out in all the outer chatter. It's almost maddening, enough to send you back down the path from whence you came. STOP!

You did not come this far to be chased back nor lost in a sea of bullshit. You were lead down this

ngdown this path for a reason. Your ancestors who reside in you pulled upon you to answer the call from spirit. You answered and now it is your duty to yourself and your entire bloodline to journey on. I am not the teacher, mentor, guide or motivational speaker who is here to teach you how to get rich quick. Not because I don't believe it can happen, trust me I know it can. I am the guide who is here to remind you about the self and to aid you in equipping and healing yourself in the right places to not only receive your desires and vision but be in a healed space to see, receive and be happy along the way. "What good is all the riches in the world if a man loses his soul." This is where being spiritual and spiritful come into play. Being spiritful is not a common thing. It's being in connection to the creator, your ancestors, spirit guides, all of nature from grass to elephants, and everything above us in the universe. It's doing the work and not faking it until you make it, all while balancing out the human experience. Being spiritful is a lifestyle not a trend that fades. Its digging into the depths of yourself and expanding into territory inside of you you didn't even know existed, and honoring the powerful force that is you. There is so much more to this life than casting spells, throwing folks in jars, and dancing naked under the moon in the woods. It's a beautiful experience in growth of self and solidifying your connection with the creator. It's honoring the highest version of yourself and becoming one with it. I's about self mastery and knowing there can be no mastery of anything else without learning this first, as all things flow through you to manifest to you. It's deprogramming the teachings of separation between you and the creator, your ancestors, and being disconnected from all things. Taking this journey isn't an easy one. Many will shy away from you, criticize you, and even call you a devil worshipper. Some have been pushed away from their families. Do not harbor ill will towards them for people fear what they do not understand. Also remember, people are being taught and programed to believe anyone doing anything outside the norm is "going to hell". Your spiritual journey is a personal thing. It's not about your family, friends, or religious background. None of that matters, none of them can heal you like you through your connection to the creator. Knowing that, living that, and being that.. well.... That's spiritful.

In this blog I will teach you from a day to day level how to do these things. I will share with you my experiences and how I healed through inner childhood traumas, deal with and have dealt with shadow work and so much more. While there will be some content available for free, there will be content, classes, video series, meetings and spaces only available to members. If my content aids you in any way become a member and receive much more.

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Unknown member
Aug 04, 2021

I enjoy you free flow and the ways you “allow” yourself to be free! Spiritful is a beautiful space to rest and reside!

Unknown member
Aug 04, 2021
Replying to

Yes!!! I am excited! All in Divine time!!!!!

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