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Kill The Enemy within

We all know we can be our own worst energy and harshest critic. Did you know that there are portions of you that will also sabotage you as well? These portions of ourselves are part of external influences that have been seeded, birthed, and then rooted into you. This isn’t just about family, this is also every relationship and interaction that has taken place e in your life as well. Removal and destruction of this or these portions of yourself takes true work and dedication to YOU! They saying you are your worst energy is actually not just a saying. It is a truism in this life. As creators of our own lives and masters of our manifestations, we hold the power of what gets created in our world and what manifests into and within it. We aren’t told or taught this from a young age. Instead we are taught others control our lives until a certain age and that they set the tones for our worlds out of know what’s best … right? We are taught to trust outside of us that we often end up with a sense of loss and displacement. Imagine if all the “weird children” were allowed to be “weird” growing up. Those of us who have always felt we didn’t belong may have very well found connection to soul family sooner, become masters of our universe sooner, and been a whole lot more in tune to all we fight to tap into as adults. But it’s not their fault they only taught what they knew. Which ultimately made that portions of our human experience a portion of our spiritual journey. There is another side to this coin that aided in the creation of your inner enemy however, upbringing is not the only aid in this process even though this is were the seeds get sown. It’s the starting point for everything to come after. As we travelled along the road of life we began to put trust in other people. Trusting others to love us, protect us, provide for us, and even be the guide to divine connection with the creator. Now when I speak of love, provide and protect I am not speaking in the manner of relationship connections with our partners. However, even in that dynamic there must be a portion of us that doesn’t these things for ourselves as well. What I’m speaking of is the ways in which we are taught to seek love outside of us. No one sat us down and really taught us how to love ourselves and nurture us. No one taught us the importance of this act. Many of us learned by watching those around us. I remember watching how much time, care, and pride my grandmother and mother would take into getting ready. I don’t recall them ever just reaching in a draw and tossing whatever on and going out looking unkept. And so I learned how to appear to the world. But I didn’t see the ritual acts of self love. What I mean by that is I didn’t see them buying themselves flowers, taking themselves out to dinner, I don’t know fully if all the upkeep was their acts of self love or the mask they put on for the world. You know … the mask of all is well and I’m doing good when it’s not and I’m not. What I do know is there was a sense of these things needing to come from an outside person. If no one brought them flowers they didn’t have flowers. If no one took them to dinner of course I would go but there was no dressing up to do so and being fancy. I don’t know what they did that made them happy and feel loved by themselves. And so this became a trait I picked up in the department of love. When it comes to providing we are taught to go out and seek employment from others. We are taught about business and ownership at a young age. When a child says I want a job it is often laughed at and they are told they are too young. They don’t get heard. In that moment that child is seeking purpose and independence from this world. We forget about lemonade stands and other things a child can do to get a foot in the door and learn about money, creation, vision, and freedom. I myself have been guilty of this with my own children. We probably all have. When if we truly listen to the little ones we can stand to learn a lot feom

them about trusting self, intuition and divine timing. How many of you realize that we were actually more spiritual as a youngster than the adults around us. Our dependence on others to guide us spiritually comes from being forced into the church house every Sunday. We all know what the set up is for the church house. Someone (a preacher) yells and tells us about how we are nothing with God and how we are to serve and worship. How we are to behave and act. What is pleasing in the eyes of God. And they do all of this from their interpretation of the Bible scripture. We get taught about the Bible and interpreting it in Bible class. Oh and we are never to question god or the man/woman of god either. Instead of allowing us to simply go outside and play or get connected in the ways children do we are taught we can not love a tapped in life if we don’t sit for hours in hard pews going through the motions of a full ritual. Is it any wonder why this enemy within became a living breathing thing, a portion of ourselves that is there in our ears haunting us until we set it on fire and destroy them? These doubts, these second guesses we have, the insecurities, negative self talk, and hesitations are not of us. When we think back to childhood, think of how we had no sense of danger and we would bravely do things. What stopped you were the beings birthed into us through the words and actions of others. I’ll give you an example. There children playing outside come upon this huge tree, on instinct they race to the tree. Child a begins racing up the tree determined to reach the top. Child b stops in mid stride hesitant to climb the tree. Child c begins climbing but them decides to go back down. Child a teaches the top yelling down to the other two to come on what are they waiting for. Child b replies their mother told them climbing trees is dangerous and stay out of them. Child a makes fun of child b ignoring the warning from the child’s mother to them. Child c replies they had a bad feeling and came down then suggests maybe they should too. Child a carefully begins climbing down. Child c was me, a & b were two friends from childhood. When asked why child a came down the reply was what child c said made him scared. In this memory the mothers warning is looked at it as safety right? However the free spirited child didn’t receive that. It was the intuition of child c that scared them. Why do you think that was? Im going to leave that as an open question for you to answer in the comments. That’s an example of how these inner enemies stop us in our tracks. The way to destroy them is not an easy task. It is work that must be put in daily. I think many forget we do work daily to rise our vibrations and to come out of these mindsets and verbal hexes placed on our lives. It takes hard work and true dedication to deprogram and reprogram your mind and being. Ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away. You have to fight your way through it. Positive self talk and positive affirmations are keys. Setting goals realistic goals for you to achieve is another. The reason I say realistic

ia because while we can manifest anything I’m a believer in starting small to go big. That the little thing matter. Believe in your power and capability to create and overcome anything. Know that you are limitless and the possibilities are endless. Realize you are not what “they” say, have said, or are saying you are. You are what YOU think, believe, and say YOU ARE. Take a long look in the mirror, stare yourself in the eyes and speak life into the death of the enemy of your dreams. Breathe baby breathe. Make it a daily ritual to look in the mirror and speak the opposite of the words of your inner enemy and kill them all off. One by one. Your goal is to kill each negative word of the inner words off. Seek and destroy KILL THE ENEMY WITHIN!

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Miembro desconocido
17 ago 2021

YES! Believe in your power to overcome ANYTHING up to and including the ENEMY WITHIN! I love this share! 💚

Me gusta
Miembro desconocido
17 ago 2021
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Maaannn I can tell! You express beautifully through written word! I am loving it!

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