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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

It's not always easy to tap all the way into your higher self. Especially now with all the noise and chaos going on around us. We still are in the midst of a pandemic, which will soon become an all-out war at our front door. There is an anger and fear that is going on. I spoke on this during my live yesterday. If you are an empath you can feel the shifting of the energy of this realm. There is such a dark sinister energy that is trying to choke out our freedoms. This also includes our spiritual connections. For the purpose of protection, I will speak in code but you will innerstand what I am saying. Divison 20 minus 1 has been in the works for a very long time. As we speak New York, California, West Virginia, Mississippi, Connecticut, and New Maine are the ONLY states that have repealed (done away with) religious or personal belief exemptions. In New York State this decision was made in June of 2019. Let that sink in and hit home for those of you who live in these places. There is a heightened anxiety taking place as families are now at war over the V vs UNV members. Children under 12 are not cleared to become V. SO where does this leave them? In states across the country even where the health officials have been advised to not participate in the door-to-door tracking, there are private organizations who have taken it upon themselves to do this work. The troops are being called back from Afganistan for war on our soil. I have received so many downloads on what is to come and visions as well. I will be sharing these in a private live video recording that I will add to this posting once I have finished completing it as this will not be the average live I am accustomed to doing. So it is taking me some time to put it together. Anyone who knows me knows I don't usually go in like this on politics or social events. But this has to be addressed and the information must be shared. Please stay tuned.

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