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Find You ..Be You ..Do You!

Grand sunrise to my modern scribers and scribettes! This blog right here is kind of a testimony of sorts to how I learned to do this very things right here. To find me then be me and do me. I have sat at the feet of some highly intuned and elevates masters. Often I had found myself altering portions of who I was and I work my magick on my spiritual journey. Then there were times I was told I had to soften my delivery or give my messages. Stop cursing stop being so aggressive in my delivery or get dolled up. Right on down to the types of messages is should be giving. It was confusing and most importantly it was doing something to my spiritual confidence. Oh yes that’s a thing!

At one point I began altering myself as they had said do but, I wasn’t happy and I felt fake. This didn’t just happen exclusively with my messages. It was also showing up in how I practiced my magick and my readings. Needless to say all of this “suggestions” or “corrections” made me feel inferior. Then in the blink of an eye some of these very same people would be gone out my life. It left me feeling as if I had done something to them and as a person who doesn’t get too close to too many it would hurt. This would fuel my spiritual insecurity and had me feeling maybe they were right let me change this let me do things like this. But you know what happened? My higher self said STOP AND LISTEN TO ME! I sat one morning staring out my window watching the beautiful orange, red, yellow and purple expand across the sky as Gia announced another new beginning when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned expecting one of my daughter to be standing there but …. It wasn’t them. It was one of my ancestors. I smelled the perfume then strong cigarette smoke. I know instantly who it was- my grandmother. A calm washed over me as my anxiety I didn’t even know had begun to build within my shadow self, melted away. I closed my eyes and relaxed my mind body and spirit. Tears began to stream down my cheeks and I felt my heart expand. ”Be true to you“, I heard echo in my whole body. I sat quiet marinating in those words. But there’s was one problem ….. I didn’t know where to find myself. I had strayed so far from me I didn’t know where to find myself again. This is the Find you! To find me I had to go back to the beginning and trust me even this only helped a little bit. Why you may ask… it’s simple. Even though I was lost within the expectations of others I still had evolved past where I last left me. So when I found where I last knew me I wasn’t the same me. Now I had to begin the merging of the 2. Not an easy task to do but I am doing it. And most importantly I’m loving it. I had to realize I’m not easy laid back or soft spoken. I am rough rugged raw and hood. That’s what my lane is however I am also more mature. And so to deliver my messages I created platforms to express all sides of me. I’m doing so I realized I dont operate as others I don’t have the same perspective of others either. And I am finally ok with that. It’s hard when you are a person who spent A lot of time looking for acceptance of others that when it comes time to accept yourself it’s hard. You become this tough critic of yourself. Let so those judgements go. They don’t belong to you they were given to you by others. This is the Be you!

Once you have accepted yourself find your lane and ride it. One thing that I had to learn and it was a hard one. The do you requires you to be quiet. I wanted to share all the creative thoughts I was having. All the moves I was about to make. Sadly I watch others take those ideas and run with them for themselves. That was crushing each time it happened. This does something to you. It hurts your spirit because these things these ideas are given to you for your purpose. And you basically gave what was given to you away. Write these things down and keep out between you and your guides. People will find out what you’ve been up to when they see it. Then if they want to do it for themselves you’ve done what you were directed to do. The other portion is … Don’t allow others to give you 2 cents you didn’t ask for on what you’re doing and how your doing it. This can be anything including your magick. Yes there are proper ways to do certain things however, keep in mind our ancestors didn’t have everything we have today. So there are some things that may seem very different from anything you’ve ever seen or heard. Follow your guidance in all you do. This takes trust in you trust in your spirit team and in the most high that all work for the god and betterment of you. This is the do you! This is the freedom and beauty within your journey that you’ve been seeking. This will take you into a closer relationship with you bringing you into oneness with yourself. Opening new levels within yourself unlocking the beauty of your process. Find you… be you …: do you!

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