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Self Paced Recorded Courses

Our self paced recorded courses are for those who are independent learners who like to work at their own pace. Each course is broken down into modules complete with mini quizzes and module surveys. The mini quizzes are to test your level of innerstanding the information within the modules and the surveys are for your feed back on the modules ease of grasping, and the clarity of the information provided. At the end of each course there will be a final exam based on the course in its entirety. You must pass the final in order to receive a certificate. For those who are looking to take their learning to another level or just want to have it for their record as proof of taking a class, an accredited certificate may be purchased for an additional $10 per certificate. These accredited certificates are internationally recognized and backed by The International Association of Therapists. These courses are taught by an internationally accredited teacher/guide so you can rest assure the information you are receiving is of good ethical and moral standards and the practitioner is knowledgeable and has completed the necessary courses herself  in order to teach them. 

More Courses Coming Soon 

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