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Char&Mar Publications

Welcome to Char&Mar Publications. Here you will not only have access to titles penned by me but all authors will be signed to Char&Mar Publications. All books purchased from this page will be signed by the author(s). Authoress Chari La'Mone is a featured author of Char&Mar Publications. With her pen as her sword, Chari creates worlds that bring the reader right in and takes them along for the journey. Her writing style is erotic, raw realness twisted and blended with life lessons being taught unbeknownst to the reader. Please allow 2-3 weeks for items to ship and tracking to be provided. Thank you for your support and as with all of CMP's literary works, enjoy the ride.

Both books are available now. All  books ordered via come autographed. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping and delivery of your item.
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