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Our passionate team is led by Chari La' Mone - spiritually  known as Fiyah Godis Moonlight. Chari is a knowledgeable motivator and teacher with the power of spirit communication and many years of experience. With Chari's guidance, you'll find her methods raw, relatable, and real - leading to your own personal revelations. As a healer and empath, she uses the power of her heart chakra to support and guide you on this journey.


At the core of her work is the belief that all of us have the power to heal ourselves and live our most fulfilling life. Through her online courses, workshops, and private sessions, she helps others to unlock and activate their fullest potential, while also connecting to their inner wisdom and truth leading them into their highest levels of evolution of the self.

 It is her honor to be of service and help others on their spiritual journey. We invite you to explore our website and discover the power of self-transformation and enlightenment.


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